Hook of hamate fracture

Hook of hamate fracture

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I got my Scaphoid and hook of hamate fractured on Nov 20th 2012.

1st Doctor (20th Nov to 20th Jan)
Doctor identified the fractured scaphoid (hook of hamate was not identified) in an x-ray and I had a

full hand cast on 9th Dec 2012 (from palm to below elbow) to 20th Jan 2012 (6 weeks). Doctor advised

for checkup after 2 weeks and that he would prescribe Xray or CT Scan after that.

2nd Doctor (Post 20th Jan)
Pain persisted even after a week of removal of cast so I consulted he 2nd Doctor. He suspected a non

union of scaphoid and suggested an MRI Scan.

MRI revealed a fracture of hook of hamate and edema in trapezoid, scaphoid and wrist area. 2nd Doctor

- scaphoid has joined successfully.
- Wrist Splint to be used for 1 month.
- No heavy load lifting
- Bio-D3 Strong tabs, Disperzyme tab and Calcinase nasal spray.
- Advised that surgery is not required for hook of hamate.

I never went back to the first doctor.

3rd Doctor (Post 20th Jan)
On consultation with another hand sergeon
- He advised excision of hook of haamate as it has not united so far after 2 months.
- Wrist arthroscopy to check suspected tfcc tear and repair if necessary. (2nd Doctor did not even

speak about tfcc tear)

I am completely confused. What should I do?

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