Questions about scaphoid non union

Questions about scaphoid non union

jonniex  |  visitor  |  Massachusetts
I had scaphoid non union surgery August of 2011. It was for an old fracture of the scaphoid bone that I had treated 5 years after the initial injury.

Surgeon placed a screw to connect the broken scaphoid bone and also added a bone graft. according to my surgeon, Dr Craig Stirrat of Chestnut Hill, MA there has been some healing and unionizing taken place. But recently a radiologists report of a CT scan taken in april 2012, 8 months post surgery seems to reflect otherwise.

Any ideas of what I should do? I still experience pain in my wrist but my surgeon says that its from a loose piece of bone that broke off from the original fracture that he never removed, bone spurs and also Osteophytes in the area of original injury and that if he removes those piece and removes the bone spurs my pain will go away.

Here are some images of the xrays taken 8 months after surgery






Link to video of the CT scan taken 8 months post surgery

here is the radiologists report:


An Acutrak-type screw transfixes the fracture of the scaphoid waist. There is
1.3 mm of lucency about the distal portion of the screw. The radial and
volar-most aspect of the fracture demonstrates some osseous bridging.
Centrally, there is a mild amount of callus formation; however, the majority
of the fracture demonstrates no significant healing. There is also some
sclerosis of the proximal pole fracture margin. A few well-corticated ossific
fragments are seen on the dorsal and radial aspect of the fracture margins.
These measure up to 4 mm in size. There is a mild humpback deformity. There
is no significant increased sclerosis within the proximal pole.

There is a healed distal radial styloid fracture.

There are mild degenerative changes of the triscaphe joint.

This study is not dedicated to evaluation of the soft tissues; however, there
is soft tissue edema within the volar and radial soft tissues at the level of
the distal radius. There is also a punctate radiodensity within this region
(3:44) which could represent a foreign body.

1. A small area of osseous bridging about the volar and radial-most aspect of
the fracture margin with a mild amount of callus centrally; however, the
majority of the fracture remains ununited.
2. Slight lucency about the distal aspect of the Acutrak-type screw.
3. Possible foreign body in the volar and radial soft tissues at the level of
the first carpal row.
4. Old healed radial styloid fracture.
Celio2013  |  visitor  |  Massachusetts
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Hello Doctors!

I had scafoid excision and four corner fusion in my wrist about 6 months ago and in my last appointment I notice the ulnar styloid is broken at the bottom, the doctor sad its common and gonna heal, can you someone tell me if this is truth and if its going to cause me any problems if not heal.

Thank you!

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