hymenoplasty In jordan

hymenoplasty In jordan

11Lina  |  visitor  |  Amman Governorate
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hi id like to ask is there a clinic tht performs hymenoplasty in jordan.. if yes where? and how much does it cost in jordanian dinars?
MUDr. Zoja Čurilová Roháčová  |  Basic member  |  Gynecology and Obstetrics  |  Prague
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Hallo we are in Czech republik in Prague. Dr. Rohacova
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore Stockholm
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We are based at Lahore, Pakistan. We have 30 years of Hymenoplasty experience. We achieve perfection in this field with our state of the art Simplified, TSM, Advanced TSM, 3 D, 7 D and Ultra 7 D Hymenoplasties. Hymenoplasty is a 20 minutes procedure in local anesthesia, done as walk in walk out surgery. You results are guaranteed. There is guarantee of virgin hymen and bleeding on first sex after hymenoplasty. Final results are seen as early as 10-12 days after surgery. There is a guarantee of no complications. Our techniques are scarless and undetectable even by doctors. We have an international hymenoplasty practice and you can take the very next flight back to Jordon if you wish. The cost of Simplified Hymenoplasty is 1500 USD. For costs of other hymenoplasties, please call us or send us an e-mail.
Maysa  |  visitor  |  Amman Governorate
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Hello lina
Did you find doctor
11Lina  |  visitor  |  Amman Governorate
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DR@Jobs  |  visitor
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I can arrange for you
11Lina  |  visitor  |  Amman Governorate
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Jordan ?

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Tika 2017-12-19
I can't decide

I had hymenoplasty today? Can someone tell me if the procedure is done correctly? And what is aftercare? Am i allowed to seat ore not? Thank you

sara 2012-01-11
It's worth it

Thank you so much dr bader for giving me my life back! You was so kind and professional with me in a way that i would recommend every girl in my position to visit you and be treated from your blessed hands.

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