Speculums and hymen rupture?

Speculums and hymen rupture?

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Recently my doctor used a medium-sized speculum to examine me because I had severe menstrual pains and he also carried out a cervical/pap smear test. I've never had sex, and I've never had a speculum examination before, but now I'm very worried with two issues.
Firstly, could the speculum have irreversibly stretched or broken my hymen?
Secondly, because I experienced no bleeding or pain during/after the speculum insertion, does it mean that my hymen was already broken even before the examination?
Dr. surendra chawla  |  Basic member  |  New Delhi
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Thanks for your query
There are so many reason for hymen rupture. It may happen while playing also .
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There is a good possibility that speculum examination in young girls can irreversibly stretch or break up your hymen. Since you did not experienced any pain or bleeding during the examination, your hymen was not in perfect shape or already broken before the examination. A number of activities like cycling, horse riding, swimming and exercises in which legs are stretched apart, can lead to rupture of hymen.

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