Is metacril a good alternative to veluma or other fillers?

Is metacril a good alternative to veluma or other fillers?

pam  |  visitor  |  Liverpool

Is metacril a good alternative to veluma or other fillers for the cheek area/lips/under eye area and for the lines from nose to mouth. I am looking for a more permanent result, or is fat grafting the better option? I am not sure which will give me the best results.
Dr. Mario Alfonso González Cepeda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cancun
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Metacril is a permanent filler; I don't recommend using permanent fillers because they usually can end with bad results, that's the reason now a days plastic surgeons all around the world are using hialuronic acid or fat grafts to correct face wrinkles.

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MUDr. Jana Vybulková Zavadilová  |  Basic member  |  Surgery  |  Prague
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Metacrill no filler. Metacrill is bioplastic material. After application of the tissue with a special technique to create its own tissue, resulting in an enlargement or hardening correction area where it is applied. The result is a permanent, natural, new tissue is indistinguishable from other tissues. Unfortunately, ignorance of this material are formed like a completely false information.
MD. Jana Vybulková Zavadilová
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