risk and side effects of botox

risk and side effects of botox

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Botox risks and side effects
According to the AAOS, Botox is only recommended for people in good health to reduce the risk of side effects.

Possible side effects include:

bruises at the site of injection
drooping eyelids, which can take several weeks to resolve
eye redness and irritation
Taking eye drops before receiving Botox injections may help reduce the chances of some side effects. You should also stop taking any blood thinners a few days before to prevent bruising.

Botox isn’t recommended if you:

are pregnant or nursing
have weak facial muscles
currently have skin issues, such as thick skin or deep scars
have multiple sclerosis or another type of neuromuscular disease
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Hi Minkcalvin, you are right ! Botox can have several side effects. Most commonly, we see pitted deep scars at the site of injections, due to the toxin. Dr H A Khawaja, our plastic surgeon, published an article along-with Enrique Hernandez-Perez, MD, highlighting various side effects of Botox and the proper usage and dilution techniques. Botox In Dermatology: International Journal of Dermatology, 01 May 2001, 40(5):311-317. Mostly, we use a Permanent Lines Filler, which is a solid filler and has no known side effects, apart from infection and extrusion, which are treatable. Results are permanent and lasts for upto 15-20 years. It is an excellent replacement of Botox. We have been using this filler for smile lines, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, lower smile lines, neck lines etc with excellent results. With proper aseptic technique and antibiotic use, infection does not take place. Results are immediate and permanent, and unlike botox, it is carried out only once.
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What can happen if you do intense sports after Botox injections?

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