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Discussion topics - Labiaplasty (Labia Reduction)

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One week post op after labiaplasty  1 2020-10-23
Pain after labiaplasty: all of the labia minora burnt  18 2020-10-23
Hi everyone,So I had a labiaplasty two weeks ago after yea...  7 2020-10-23
Swelling on one side?  18 2020-10-22
Hello. I want to get rid of the ugly remnant of labia minora...  2 2020-10-21
Edges separation after labiaplasty  6 2020-10-21
Need a doc's opinion to a photo post op  3 2020-09-19
Wound splitting on my Labia  1 2020-09-05
Labiaplasty - labia sewn together  2 2020-08-19
Just had labiaplasty today- CRAZY BURNING  3 2020-08-18
Hi. My name is Cammie. I am 18 years old. I was wondering if...  6 2020-08-11
help open wound labiaplasty  4 2020-08-09
Is it normal to have only one side super swollen and almost ...  4 2020-07-19
Top labiaplasty surgeon U.K.?  1 2020-07-18
Labiaplasty: barbie vagina  15 2020-02-19
Labiaplasty in local anesthesia  POPULAR  10 2016-03-08
Labiaplasty: will my incision line flatten out over time?  9 2015-02-01
Extreme burning/stinging while urinating a week after labiaplasty  10 2014-10-12
Clear bubbles by stitches after labiaplasty  9 2014-10-11
Labiaplasty and healing  POPULAR  23 2013-08-16
Swelling after labiaplasty   POPULAR  30 2013-07-09
Acceleration of stitches absorption after labiaplasty  POPULAR  7 2013-03-04
Majora and minora healed together??  12 2012-08-18
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