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When its safe to have sex after a labiaplasty?  2 2021-06-19
Fifth day after labiaplasty - Yellow spots  3 2021-06-18
Is my Clitoris too much exposed????  3 2021-06-18
Labiaplasty - Will I need restitching?  4 2021-06-18
Hey when can i shave after labiaplasty (wedge method)?  3 2021-06-17
Clitoris sewn to labia?  7 2021-06-15
Clit protruding after labiaplasty, will that go away?  3 2021-06-14
what is wrong with my labia?  2 2021-06-10
Urinating in different directions after surgery  4 2021-06-02
Pain after Labiaplasty surgery (wedge method)  3 2021-06-02
Is this normal I had a labia plasty five days ago but my lef...  2 2021-06-01
Unhappy with my labiaplasty, really worried!!  3 2021-05-30
Split stitches - what do I do?  3 2021-05-30
Bumpy and uneven?  14 2021-05-30
Oversensitive Clitoris after labioplasty  3 2021-05-23
Clitoris still Heirs 7 days post op and vagina is dry as a bone  2 2021-05-21
How do I know my labiplasty result is good?  10 2021-05-18
Need a doc's opinion to a photo post op  4 2021-05-16
Labia possibly torn after surgery  2 2021-05-14
Will this heal correctly? Labiaplasty 3 weeks  2 2021-04-24
Does anyone know techniques for softening scar tissue?  2 2021-04-02
Labiaplasty, - Enough tissue to cover vagina entrance  1 2021-04-02
2 weeks after surgery, do I have an infection?  3 2021-04-02
Looking for best labiaplasty doctor in montreal  2 2021-04-02
Abnormally dark skin pigmentation around labial revision area  1 2021-04-02
Hi I had a labiaplasty and hoodectomy 10 weeks ago, everythi...  5 2021-03-27
Labiaplasty - is this normal after 2 weeks?  2 2021-03-27
What’s your experience??  3 2021-03-07
Doctor in Manchester for labiaplasty?  1 2021-03-07
Hypersensitive labia after surgery  1 2021-03-07

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