Growth on labia or still swollen? 3 weeks post op.

Growth on labia or still swollen? 3 weeks post op.

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I just got a labiaplasty 3 weeks ago and I finally was able to feel it and noticed I have a little tiny flab on my labia (top left). When I look at my vagina, everything look normal until I run my finger up the left labia. I can lift this “growth or swollen” flab of skin so it literally feels like a tiny labia on top of my labia, if that makes sense. I asked my nurse and she’s said it will go down but it hasn’t changed in shape or appearance and I’m scared to go through a correction. Did anyone else experience this and is it really just swelling?? Right side looks great but that one little lick is whats throwing me off.
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Hi, there is certainly swelling and it will continue to go down in the coming weeks and months. You should wait and go for a correction if required after about 8 months.

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