Labiaplasty - age limit and extent of the surgery

Labiaplasty - age limit and extent of the surgery

What is the lower age limit, if parents agree with the surgery?
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We do not perform labiaplasty below 18 years of age.

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the legal age of consent depends on the country ,province, or state. if you are a minor with respect to consenting to a medical procedure (labiaplasty), then you will require parental or legal guardian consent. should the parents agree, then there is no obstacle to performing a labiaplasty if the patient is mature and understands the labiaplasty procedure. most plastic surgeons will not carry out a labiaplasty below 14 years of age.
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We see cases that are as young as 10 years in cases of FGM, usually the patient has to be 18 years to perform the surgery, if younger the parents content is usually needed.
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Depending upon the problem and the impact, sexualization should be achieved and maturation complete at the time of surgery. Ideally the patient should be more than 18 years of age, however there are circumstances when the surgeon can agree with younger age. An important factor is the patient's degree of understanding and ability to take decisions, in order to ascertain wishes, problems and to ensure compliance in the postoperative period.
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The lower legal limit is 18 years old. In case the parents agreed, I do suggest never less than 16 years old.

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