Labiaplasty - labia sewn together

Labiaplasty - labia sewn together

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Hi there

I had a labiaplasty one week ago. I can’t help but feel there are things which weren’t explained to me pre-op and should have been, in terms of what to expect immediately afterwards. I have read a lot online about the swelling etc and am reassured that this isn’t cause for concern at this stage. The skin around my clitoris is really swollen and feels v sensitive but it seems this is typical.

After I came round I *think* the nurse mentioned that the surgeon has stitched my labia (minora) together as it will help them heal more evenly. Presumably this was done in a short term way that and the stitches will dissolve more quickly than ones around the incisions. Initially it did seem that they were sealed in some way. It seems like they are now starting to come apart a bit which is good/a relief!!

I just wanted to clarify whether this is - typical approach? It definitely was not mentioned to me before the surgery.
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Hi Kfe, Swelling is common after labiaplasty and it depends on a number of factors, the technique used, handling of tissues, body reaction etc. You can use anti-inflammatory enzyme preparations and anti-histamine tablets in consultation with your doctor. Clitoris sensitivity is because of swelling. Stitching of labia minora can help in the healing process, as long as the stitches are temporary and are not applied over raw areas. They can also prevent labial friction due to swelling and rubbing of labia against each other is prevented, which can help reduce swelling quickly and help in even healing process.
Kfe  |  visitor  |  Essex
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Thank you, this was very helpful and reassuring.

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