Painful split in labia

Painful split in labia

Lauren  |  visitor  |  South Carolina
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I commented on another post that had a similar problem, but it looked much better healed. I had my procedure 10 days ago and have a lot of swelling still, especially in the left side. My doctor said it looked good at my 1 week post op, but since then I’ve had a lot of discomfort and sharp pain in one part that seems separated from the rest. It also looks more swollen. I think there might be a stitch separating it, should I make an appointment to get it removed or looked at? My next appointment will be the 28th otherwise. Is there anything else I should be worried about?
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Hi Lauren, you have huge swelling and since you are having discomfort and sharp pains, you should see your surgeon ASAP. There might be that some stitches have opened up, or there can be infection or hematoma ( blood clot ) or it can be simply excessive edema ( swelling ).

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