what is wrong with my labia?

what is wrong with my labia?

Kyah Furney  |  visitor  |  Western Australia
I had labiaplasty done 8 days ago and the “swelling” it not going down at all no matter what i use or no matter what after care I follow. Wtf is going on? I do icepacks every day and nureofen and rest. Im so un happy please advice asap
Olka912  |  visitor  |  Vienna
  • 36 answers
Hey! My swelling subsided first after 2 weeks... So i dont think its rare what is Happening to you. Maybe wait till 2 weeks and then see, cause 8 days its only one week, after one week i still had swelling! All the best!
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Hi Kyah, we suggest that you use anti-inflammatory enzyme preparations orally, continue ice packs and make an early appointment with your surgeon so that he / she checks if everything is ok. We do a NO SWELLING LABIAPLASTY in which there is no swelling of labia after your surgery and final results are seen in about 10-12 days after surgery. Since you had s conventional labiaplasty, we suggest you go to your surgeon for s post-operative check up ASAP so that the surgeon checks whether there is a hematoma ( blood clot ) inside your labia or its just a swelling. We wish you all the Best !

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