Will this heal correctly? Labiaplasty 3 weeks

Will this heal correctly? Labiaplasty 3 weeks

El82  |  visitor  |  Manchester
It's been 3 weeks since my Labiaplasty and I'm pretty happy with the result so far knowing I won't see final results just yet

I had wound breakdown on one side which my doctor said was normal and can happen, he added extra stitches but they ended up coming out. He has informed me that it's healing well and that I just need to wait however with the other side looking perfect in comparison it's hard to not be concerned.

Will it heal on this side? I'm worried about the triangle type shape staying the same and it not healing straight like the other side, it's stayed looking similar for almost a week.

Any help would be appreciated! Thankyou
Dr. med. Jozefina Skulavik  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Bratislava Vienna
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Hi there, sorry to hear about your problem, at the moment you can not do anything only to wait until your healing is completely finished, it means, to let it heal secondary, there is a tissue lost defect and it should be repaired after several months, there is no chance at the moment that wound edges come together, at least it looks to me like this, i wish you a good luck, kind regards, dr. jo
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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Hi, there is wound dehiscence or breakdown with opening of stitches. Stitches need to be re-applied in order to straighten up, like the other side. Please get in touch with your doctor and explain to him the situation. Stitches can be applied now or later. All the best !

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