Who is the best Lip Lift surgeon in the US?

Who is the best Lip Lift surgeon in the US?

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Hello, I am a 23 year old male and have never had too much tooth show when smiling, have had a rhinoplasty and therefore the space between nose and upper lip appears longer ( about 1.5 cm).I have been researching the lip lift procedure for a little while in order to have more tooth show when i smile and i have narrowed it down to 4 surgeons that seemed to get the best reviews : Dr Epstein in miami, Dr Frankel in Beverly Hills, Dr Rodriguez in Baltimore and Dr Horndeski in Texas. Dr Epstein and Frankel are a bit more expensive ( around 6000 dollars) than the other 2 due to their high reputation but i can not find many reviews about patients on lip lifts procedures performed by them, however i have found lots of positive reviews on Dr Rodriguez and Horndeski and those charge about 3000 dollars which is half price. i am extremely hesitant and picky on chosing the best surgeon since i would be travelling from france to get this done and i do not want to go anywhere for that and to pay a high price since i had previous bad experiences with cosmetic surgery,but paying more doesnt guarantee a better result so maybe its better to pay less and be operated by someone who does this more often. If i could get reviews or recommandations from other patients having had done this procedure that would be amazing.
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Unfortunately, i am unaware who is the "Best" in the USA, but as you have done, you can very simply google search a couple of surgeons who are of interest to you and check real patient reviews. This will help you decide. If you can't find any more reviews i would advise consulting in person and basing your decision on personal relation and comfort. Hope this helps.

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