liposuction and breast lifting with implants

liposuction and breast lifting with implants

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How much do I have to wait after delivery thru a c section to have a liposuction and breast lifting with implants??
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You need to wait at least 8-9 months. We have decades of experience with liposuction and breast lifting with or without implants. Liposuction is done in modified tumescent local anesthesia ( khawajas formulas I,II & III ), using our preferred tip cannulas of our preferred make and sizes. You can expect to achieve your desired results. We are pioneers of Scarless Breast Lift. This procedure is done in local anesthesia and it is scarless with permanent results. If you would like to have breast augmentation also, we do a SCARLESS BREAST AUGMENTATION without implants, with no injections, no implants and no fat transfer. It is an exclusive technique pioneered by our plastic surgeon, Dr H A Khawaja. However, we also do breast augmentation and breast lift with implants done totally in local anesthesia with no hospital stay.

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my surgery was very well done the Aesthetıc staff was very kind people i recommend it to anybody looking to have a better self esteem

Registered user Dr Laurent Benadiba M.D 2017-02-28
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For me the it is absolutely the best! He is very tuned to listening the patient he is reassuring and his work is amazing! None scars and the result(profit) is completed! I really recommend him!

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