Best & cheapest clinic for liposuction around Poland

Best & cheapest clinic for liposuction around Poland

deemaxxx  |  visitor  |  Belfast
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i had liposuction in poland ( wroclaw) 2007. then i had 2 litre fat removed.
now i develope some fat more on stomach due to drinking beer. i think i am not too big and maybe only 1 area of stomach needs lipo.

where is cheapest place to have this done ?
am i better getting vaser lipo ?
or what is the difference ?
Maya Aesthetic  |  Basic member  |  Médecine esthétique  |  Istanbul
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Hello Here is the Maya Esthetic Center for Beauty In Istanbul Turkey
We have liposuction from the abdominal area by the veser
The cost of liposuction 2500 $
Instytut Estetyczny Coramed  |  Basic member  |  Wrocław
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Halo! First of all I can not recoment we will be the cheapest one, however we do offer very competitve pricing. Second, we have long expirance and we do specialize in medical tourism therefore about 80% of our customers is from UK.
Regarding lipo, we do using both BodyJet (German system) and Nouvag (Swiss system),, everything depends on the patient shape and needs. If are you interested in providing you exactly quotation it would be the best to send us your pictures on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or you can all on +XXXXXXXXXXXXXX or +44 XXXXXXXXXXX.

Best regards,
Rafal fm Coramed Clinic
Instytut Estetyczny Coramed  |  Basic member  |  Wrocław
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the basic price of stomach liposuction (top&bottom) starts from 6000PLN (1300GBP), the final one can be provided after consultation basing on pictures or on a site.
ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
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Hello, the price for liposuction starts from 4 800 PLN (about 1021 GB) for one area. To receive a quote from the surgeon, please get in touch with the pictures and our surgeon dr Piotr Rataj will advise what is the best procedure for you. We offer NIL liposuction, which is one of the best available on the market, as it not only removes the fat but also tightens the skin. It's a more innovative version of laser liposuction. You can also contact our previous patients from abroad to share their experience
Robert Boonen MD  |  Basic member  |  Surgery  |  Rotterdam
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stop drinking beer
Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.  |  Premium member  |  Urology  |  Alanya
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Hi There

This is International aesthetic company. We have 7 surgeons who are one of the best in Turkey. We had done famouse people and models surgeries and all of our patients are satisfied. About the price we are not the cheapest but we are one of the best. If you are caring about result please contact us. We will dicuss about the cost and services.

Best regards
Head assistant
Dr Zoer Kacem  |  Basic member  |  Médecine esthétique  |  London Brussels
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Thank you for your inquiry.

We offer Liposuction in Brussels, Paris and London.
We have more than 15 years of practice.

Our most competitive prices are those of Brussels.

Procedure takes place under local anaesthetic with light sedation.

1800 euros. (Brussels)

Kind regards
Dr Kacem

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