Buccal fat removal and scar problems

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Buccal fat removal.
After 12 months, unsolved nerve pain.
After so long, I still have pain on one side caused by the surgery; it was very traumatic, something has gone wrong. Despite I've gone under six months of phisiotherapy of all types, the scar tissue is compressing the trigeminal nerve, so I have pain on the cheek, behind my eye, near the ear, as well as headakes in the area behind the eye. This 12th month, the pain had increased a little, I don't understand why;maybe the scar is becoming harder therefore the compression of the nerve increases? Please tell me what could be the case. Here doctors tell me that it is normal, I think no. Please give me some information.
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Hi Dear Mark
Maybe they injured your nerves or there is pressure on your nerve. So, at the first we should check you in according to the problem we will start treatment.
Best regards
Op. Dr. Cem Özlük
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Who would best Represent an Ideal Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

There are various reasons why people would choose to undergo buccal fat removal. The more common include: Thinner cheeks, More defined cheeks, Enhancing appearance, Gaining a boost in self-esteem and Feeling more confident

Where do I begin?

- This is an important step to the procedure. During consultations, doctors can learn more about their patients and vice versa.
- This visit gives them a chance to evaluate the current state of the patients’ cheeks, their age and their medical history. As a result, We can determine the patient’s options and inform the patient of the benefits, precautions, risks, methods used and other important information.

- Consultation visits additionally give patients the opportunity to talk about their goals and expectations for buccal fat removal and to ask any other questions. It is important that patients are well-informed about the procedure before making a decision.

How is Buccal Fat Removal Performed?

- The buccal fat removal procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, taking about one hour to perform.
- Patients are usually under local anesthesia with or without sedation, meaning they will be awake but drowsy and insensitive to pain.
- We create an incision about 2 to 3 cm long between the cheek and gums. The incision exposes the fascia and fibers of the main cheek muscle (buccinator). By applying pressure externally under the cheek bone, the buccal fat protrudes through the incision. This amount of fats will be removed out with forceps or surgical scalpel.
- After a collective amount is removed, then the incisions will be closed by absorbable sutures.

buccal fat removal

- We may also perform facial liposuction to remove fat deposits from the cheek. However, unlike buccal fat excision, liposuction can leave visible scars and incisions.

What you should expect after undergoing buccal fat removal?

- Patients can experience mild to moderate pain and discomfort after undergoing buccal fat removal, which can be lessened with prescription pain medication.
- Some degree of swelling and possibly bruising can be expected, but this is only temporary.
- It is recommended that you stay home for at least a week after surgery and take it easy for the first three weeks following surgery.
- It usually takes about four months after surgery to see the final results of the buccal fat removal procedure, which are permanent.

What Are the Risks and Limitations of Buccal Fat Removal?

- All forms of cosmetic surgery carry some degree of risk. With buccal fat removal, numbness may occur for few weeks and infection is rarely.
- Those considering buccal fat removal before their mid-20’s should take into account that oftentimes as we get older, facial fat is lost and our face will naturally thin out. So if you choose to have this surgery before then, and your face naturally thins out later on, this may result in a scrawny look. So, people need to take genetics into consideration and should check to see if round cheeks run in their family.

What Are The Costs Associated With Buccal Fat Removal?

Although price is a factor when deciding on surgery, the most important factor is that you feel you are getting a good quality, natural-looking result from the procedure.

The costs for undergoing buccal fat removal can range from 1000 to 1500 U.S. dollars. Unfortunately, most medical insurance providers do not cover cosmetic surgery procedures.
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Hello Mark
Every surgery is associated with some complication that can happen in few cases only not in all. Hard scar may be due to fibrosis..Fibrosis can entrap any branch of trigeminal nerve which may produce nerve pain. If it is unbearable then please contact with a pain management specialist. He will help you to relieve such pain.
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