Vaser Lipo contour irregularity - how can I restore my waist shape?

Vaser Lipo contour irregularity - how can I restore my waist shape?

newbuttnboobs  |  visitor  |  London, City of
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I had vaser lipo almost 4 months ago to love handles and I have got thickened uneven waist contour . Can it be corrected and if so what is the procedure . Recovery time etc. I want to get back to proper training soon in order to compete next year in fitness shows which is why I am anxious to get it corrected soon. Should I opt to have VelaShape 3? It has had very mixed reviews and I am concerned it will be an expensive waste of time on top of revision charges with a new surgeon. I don't want the original dr to redo who says it's nothing to worry about. I beg to differ.and am very concerned that my waist in now thicker than before.
Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main
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Since 1985 I perform liposuction. Using tumescent methode.
Surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and sedation. Hospitalization is one night.
The total cost will be € 3,600,00.
You are welcome to contact my office:
for organization details.

Best regards from Frankfurt,

Dr. med.Paul J. Edelmann
Dr. Afshin Mosahebi  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  London
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At 4 months it is still early to think about revision surgery. Generally speaking some irregularities can happen & repeating vaser would be a better option.
Dr Karthik Ram  |  Basic member  |  Chennai
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Minor contour abnormalities are very common following liposuction. Such minor problems can be treated with touch up procedures. For areas that you feel that are bulging you can go for a repeat liposuction. For depressed areas fat filling will help. These can be done as office procedures under tumescent anaesthesia. But waiting for the healing area to become stable will give best results. If you can send photos where your problematic areas are marked will help us to guide you precisely. You can send pictures to
Dr. med. Petra Berger  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main Zurich Palma de Mallorca
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hello dear,

i am specialized in liposuction and fat transfer systems.
in many systems and especially in vaser, it can take up to six months, until normal shape is restored and results can be discussed. it is not that i wouldn't be able to show some areas to be corrected, and if they were to be corrected, then a simple conventional liposuction method with small cannulas would be more than enough(by an experienced surgeon of course),but i would recommend to give it four more weeks, dear.

all the best

Dr Petra Berger
Fachärztin für Plastische und Ästhetische Chirurgie

Frankfurt, Zürich,

0049 69 92020883
0041 44 500 8882
Dr. med. Petra Berger  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main Zurich Palma de Mallorca
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of course, you can always send me additional information or more, or more recent pictures.
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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The final results of liposuction as practised generally worldwide are seen after a year or so. However, there are a number of post-operative mechanisms via which we can speed up the recovery and with us final results of liposuction are best seen after 4-6 weeks only. If you feel any irregularity now, you require a re-liposuction. We have been performing liposuction for over 30 years now and we perform highly refined liposuction with no even minor irregularities with final results after 1-1/2 months. We use highly refined KHAWAJAS CANNULAS and KHAWAJAS REFINED LIPOSUCTION TECHNIQUES, via which you are mobile immediately after your surgery. You dont need to stay in the hospital. If you are from abroad, you can conveniently fly the very next day of surgery. Results are wonderfully excellent with not even minor complications.
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