Black spot on the glans penis

Black spot on the glans penis

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Hello. I have a little black point ( it might be a beauty spot but I’m not sure)in the middle of the glans penis. Is it possible to remove it and how much does it cost? Regards x
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Dear, every suspected change on your skin should be consulted with the doctor, in your case dermatologist-venereologist. The doctor will check whether this change is not a consequence of the disease and will suggest an appropriate method to remove it.

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,
Lipoline Team
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It should be clarified with a special light microscopy, performed by a dermatologist, if there is a risk of cell modifications, needing a histological diagnosis.
If there's no need for excision, I guess that a Laser treatment would be the best choice to treat.
Best Regards
PD Dr. A. Steiert

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