Diet To avoid skin Moles

Diet To avoid skin Moles

MrAwsome  |  visitor

I would like to know whether there is any particular food that may cause the growth of moles to be more than a normal person. Also could I know whether there is a certain diet that could reduce the number of moles on the skin?
Dr. Alberto de la Fuente  |  Basic member  |  Corrective dermatology  |  Tijuana
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Not yet, some studies have proved the benefit of melatonin on melanoma (malignant moles), but still very weak evidence of its benefit.
Centru Medical Dr. Mihalceanu  |  Basic member  |  Timisoara
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There are not studies showing that diet influences the appearance, growth or involution of moles. Heredity and sun exposure are the main factors that have an influence on them. With age moles undergoes involution.
MissNiecy  |  visitor  |  Maryland
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I can testify that this is true! I started drinking green smoothies every morning (1 cup spinach, kale, apple, frozen peaches, frozen mango, coconut butter, coconut milk) and mine just started dropping off and I've always had moles. This is making me consider a vegan diet. Drinking greens gets rid of moles!!
Dr. Armando G. Apellaniz Campo  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Mexico City, Huixquilucan
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The growth of moles is not determined by your diet. They can be considered as congenital, since they form from ebryologic cells with the information to produce pigment, and even if most of the time they appear since childhood, some juvenile moles become apparent in later stages of life. The tendency to have them must come from one of your parents. Most of the time they do not produce any problems other than being aesthetically unpleasant. They can be removed under local anesthesia in the office, leaving behind a small scar. Regards,
Dr. Apellaniz
ronald  |  visitor  | 
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It was such nice discussion going on here. I too had a mole and i had just removed it out with the help of the mole removal surgery. I got to know about the mole removal surgery from the www sites.The surgery is the excellent way to get removed the mole. Well here it sound very interesting to remove the mole by going on dieting. Really very nice and useful information.

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Anzin  |  visitor  |  Karnataka
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I have also mole on my face much u paid for surgery n any idea to remove or reduce..pls
Anzin  |  visitor  |  Karnataka
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Sir how to remove mole any idea..
Ramona  |  visitor  |  London, City of
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Hi,i have little red moles coming all over my body,every week new ones.i have crohn’s disease,not sure if related.i wonder if something is wrong with my liver if so many come out?
Jason Hommel  |  visitor  |  California
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I went looking for this same question because I recently encountered a claim from a woman who promotes drinking homemade green smoothies. She said after a month drinking several quarts a day, her moles fell off. !!!! The green smoothies are a mix of fruit, water and greens like spinach and kale. I'm trying it. Seems great for my skin so far. After four green smoothie shakes this week, I've noticed all my fingernail cuticles are perfect. Not a single shred of dry skin peeling back on the back of my fingertips and nails. I'm a bit amazed. I also ave had an itchy few bumps on my chest. Red. Swollen. For nearly two years now. They have shrunk. Stopped itching, and turned brown. But I'm also doing several other good things. No sugar, no alcohol, no coffee. Exercising. Getting a bit of sun. And using essential oils, a lot. Myrrh, frankensense, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus. Lots of them, applied all over. The skin on my feet is fantastic, too. Better probably than ever in my life. Athletes foot gone. Dry skin gone. Infected red sensitive toenails gone.
medspa  |  visitor  |  Dhaka
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what ever i know is that you need to be hydrate. you can drink a lot of water for sure. need to take care of your skin. this is all i know. any update will be appreciated.
Dr. Carlos Enrique Hoyos Salazar  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Pereira
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There is not special diets to avoid moles. They must be removed . Look for a plastic surgeon .

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