Mole above my vagina

Mole above my vagina

Kris  |  visitor  |  Western Australia
Would I be able to remove a mole above my vagina
Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main
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Please, contact a plastic surgeon for this procedure, Kris!

Best regards from Frankfurt,

Dr. med Paul J. Edelmann.
Centru Medical Dr. Mihalceanu  |  Basic member  |  Timisoara
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It is recommended first to do a dermato-venerology consultation to determine the exact diagnosis of the lesion. Many dermatologists also perform dermato-surgery. So you can also achieve the treatment at dermatologist.
Dr. surendra chawla  |  Basic member  |  New Delhi
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Hello Kris
Moles are formed by abnormal growth of pigmented cells. These moles are of variable can consult with a good plastic surgeon of your country . He can help you to rid of this problem without any complication.

South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic
Professor Dr. Adel Wilson MD, FRCS  |  Basic member  |  Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery  |  Cairo
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We have vaginal surgery and others at Cairo plastic Clinic. Please google us to know more about the Clinic and Dr Wilson
ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
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Moles is an issue as not all of them qualify for removal.
You will have to book a face to face consultation with the surgeon who will first examine the mole and only then make the decision.

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