mole removal

mole removal

Atiq1  |  visitor  |  Toscana
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Hi i would like to remove this black mole right side of my nose.need to know the safe method to remove it and the cost as well.i live around Florence.tnx
ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
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Theoretically, it is possible to remove the mole but first I would suggest to visit the dermatologist and do some examinations. If all is fine, I advice a face to face consultation with the surgeon in order to decide which method of removal will be the best and the safest.
Dr. med. Kristin Purkott  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Hildesheim
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Dear Atiq1,
if you want it removed you need a small operation where the plastic surgeon cuts out the mole and then closes the wound with sutures. The mole needs to be sent for histological examination to make sure it is just a mole (it looks like it). The operation will leave a scar though so you really need to think about that.

All the best
Dr Kristin Purkott
pur aesthetic
Hildesheim, Germany
healthyHazel  |  visitor
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I had similar thoughts about this problem that it is not curable but after I got to know about Organica Clears Pro through a website named wellnessdietsolution , my thoughts completely changed! Mole or Skin tag removal creams are real! These cauterize the tags or moles without affecting the skin. If you have small unwanted moles, you can easily get rid of them within 2 weeks! Isn't that amazing.

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