Unhealed wound from mole removal

Unhealed wound from mole removal

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I have a wound on my back from mole removal. They biopsy was fine. My dermatologist told me not to worry. The would healed after a whole year and after a few months since healing i went to a plastic surgeon to correct my scar which was big. I did the small surgery 10 months ago. The wound have not been healed at all until now. There is a small part down that is always red and make a crust and then this crust falls...and again the same thing about 5 months now. Why that happened? Is because my wound was. Please answer me, because i really worry

I don't have other symptoms such as pain or bleeding or infection of the wound. It's just red and when you see the scar it begins well and ends with a big circle kind of red unhealed wound. When I press it sometimes i feel a bothering but that's all
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Hi, healing cannot usually take that long. It is possible that you have inflammation on the small part down with skin dryness. The redness can be your scar. It is not possible to stay exactly without seeing you; however after 5 months now after surgical removal of your scar, you can use a steroid cream like clobevate cream 2 daily for 3-4 weeks to improve the redness / crusts. You can use a good skin moisturizer over it after 4 weeks.

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