21 days after rhinoplasty. Help ?

21 days after rhinoplasty. Help ?

Giorgia  |  visitor  |  Zurich
I had a nose job / rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago (12 March). My nose was crooked before, but now it’s still crooked but a little smaller. My surgeon told me when the swelling will disappear my nose will be symmetrical, which I doubt. He didn’t explain me why my nose looks like this.. he just keeps making appointments, which also scares me because it makes me believe something went wrong. I’m going this week to my 4th appointment. I uploaded pictures.. if someone could take a look at them and tell me what are the chances that it will become symmetrical? Thank you.
Caraps MEDLine  |  Premium member  |  Tbilisi
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You have to wait min 6 months, nobody knows what had happened except your surgeon. just trust him now.
Prof. Dr. med. Daniel F. à Wengen  |  Basic member  |  Otorhinolaryngology  |  Binningen
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Hello Mrs. Giorgia
I do understand your worries. The nasal axis depends on the nasal septum. If the septum is not straight the nose never will be. Do you have the operating report of your surgery? Details could be seen there.
As stated otherwise: it is too early to judge any results. You will have to wait at least 6 months. In case you would like to show me your nose and evaluate any possibilities I would be happy to see you in my office in Binningen near Basel.
All the best!
Daniel àWengen
Dr. surendra chawla  |  Basic member  |  New Delhi
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Hi Giorgia
Thanks for your query regarding rhinoplasty. 3 weeks is too early to comment about results . You should wait for few more weeks. Keep taking close-up photo of your face and nosefrom front, side,up,down then only we can compare properly. Operative notes are also required so that one can know about the exact procedure done.

South Delhi Cosmetic Clinic
ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
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3 weeks after Rhinoplasty surgery is very short time and it is impossible to judge the results.
You need to wait at least 4/5 months when the main swelling goes down. Apart from the swelling which is outside, there is also internal swelling which takes a little longer to disappear.
The healing process after nose surgery is very long and you need to be patient.
Dr. Fouad M. Ghareeb  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cairo
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Can you send a side view of your nose I can not see any problem with your nose in this photos
Camelia  |  visitor  |  Luxembourg
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I’m amazed to read the comments of some doctors here. You ( doctors) should know more than us (patients) that a nose will recover fully in one year time frame or two years ! Also, no other nose job should be performed for Giorgia until at least 2 years after her previous surgery, to ensure that her nose is fully healed!!!!Most doctors here are saying, “send me pictures” or “come to see me at my office”...it’s clear that some of you are interested in the money only ! Giorgia a good doctor will tell you, let’s discuss your case after your nose is fully healed!!! ( at least after 2 years time frame )Don’t let any surgeon to touch your nose, not before the time frame i mentioned above ! Also, your nose will change constantly every month.It is to early to judge now, as your nose is swollen. You may judge your final results after one year. Swift recovery Giorgia and good luck!
SmithyH  |  visitor  |  Noord-Holland
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It does take time to heal no? About 6 months or so
Dr. med. Özge Ergün  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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21 days after rhinoplasty is too early to make a comment about the result so far I see on the photos there is a certain amount to swelling a couple more weeks you have to wait for an approximate the result.

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