Good Rhinoplasty surgeon in Australia?

Good Rhinoplasty surgeon in Australia?

noemi  |  visitor  |  Queensland
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I’m searching for a great Rhinoplasty surgeon in Australia, preferably in QLD but if I need to travel a bit to find the best I will. Any recommendation?
Dr Osuch Clinic  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Warszawa
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Dear Noemi,
If Warsaw, Poland is a good destination to you, we invite you to visit Dr Osuch Clinic. I specialise in face surgeries, rhinoplasties included. We are located 10 min by taxi from Chopin International Airport.

In the meanwhile you can find more info here: or on our instagram account:
Best regards,
Piotr Osuch, MD, PhD
Aussie  |  visitor  |  Queensland
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I have had 3 operations in QLD. My nose is very challenging. Thick skin and scar tissue. I am unable to find any good enough surgeon in the whole Australia who would be confident enough to operate on me.
I used one of the best in Brisbane and he found my nose too challenging after 2 operations. Now I am looking overseas .
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