Recommendations of prodecures, surgeons in Europe, estimate of costs please

Recommendations of prodecures, surgeons in Europe, estimate of costs please

Pirita  |  visitor
Many things I'm not happy with my face. Biggest concerns are my "double lip" and nose. I don't smile with my teeth showing very often because the extra skin shows under my upper lip when I smile. It's not common thing in my country and I can't find prodecures for it. Recommendations what to do to it?

Nose is another thing. I think it's too big for my face and I wish it was more feminine. From the front view it's too wide and tip is pointy from side view. I want feminine tip which goes bit upwards. I have a small hump too which I'd like to remove so start of the nose would be lower and then rise a bit towards the tip. I would like to smoothen the area between forehead and nose.

I'm very self conscious of my wide looking face. It's not very symmetrical either but I don't know why, is it my jaw or something. Sometimes I think about going South Korea to get v-line surgery there.

My other eyebrow muscle is more active than the other and usually my other eye looks droopy. Twice I got botox for it and once it got better.. for a little while. Anyone know a permanent fix for it ?

Long list I know but I wish I could get help from here. I would be grateful for reply thanks!

I live in Finland and wish to find surgeon from Europe but for example South Korea is an option too, country of plastic surgerys
Dr. Andrius Pajėda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Kaunas
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Dear, Pirate.Thank you for the photos and detailed comment. I understand that there can be done some changes to your nose and upper lip, but you are a young beautiful girl and only you can see those little things. I really want you to consider every advantages and disadvantages before signing for rhinoplasty or other complex surgery.
Caraps MEDLine  |  Premium member  |  Tbilisi
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We can advice you finest rhinoplasty, lip plasty, BOTOX, dermal fillers and medical tattoo
dr. n. med. Kamil Pietrasik  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Warszawa
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Dear Pirita

Thank you for your pictures. Based on them I would suggest rhinoplasty to make your nose tip smaller and fat grafting to your upper lip to even out irregularitis there. Unfortunately you did not provide lateral views of your nose thus I can not say if you need any work on dorsum of your nose (i.e. hump reduction). Pre-op consultation is a must.
With best regards
Kamil Pietrasik, MD, PhD
board certyfied plastic surgeon
Prof. Dr. med. Frank-Werner Peter  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Berlin
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If you want: Come to Berlin. I will give you good an d detailed advice!
All the best
Prof. Dr. Frank-Werner Peter
Dr. med. Petra Berger  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main Zurich Palma de Mallorca
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You need a personal examination and consultation for exploring your wishes. Since you are in Finland, a first contact by skype might be helpful. Please visit our website and contact us, if you wish.

Kind regards,

Dr Petra Berger
Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main
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Aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty I perform since 1985.
In your case I would make the nose tip much finer by means of reducing the LLC (Lower Lateral Cartilage).
The nose can be made more narrow by means of lateral osteotomy.
The hump can be removed and
the nose roote can be augmentated by using nose cartilage.
All this can be done with intra nasal incisions. No scar will be seen from outside.

Your double lip can be corrected with a resulting incision inside your mouth.
About the other complains must be discussed at a personal consultation.

You are welcome to call my office +49-  69-9... Show number 69-95992041  Telephone to set up a date for a personal consultation - also on Saturdays.

Best regards from Frankfurt,

Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann
Medco International Centre for Plastic Surgery  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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Dear Pirita,
We will be happy to host you here in İstanbul.
Our Doctors will be happy to fix all your problems to make you happier.
Please advise when you are thinking of coming to İstanbul for this kind of a surgery and we will be doing the necessary arrangements.
Thank you,
Skype ID Medco HealthCo
Mobile +44 118 3282230
Whats app +90542 2365547
Dr. Gor Amirbekyan  |  Basic member  |  Yerevan
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I think you need rhinoplasty, and also augmentation of your upper lip either with filler or with your own fat
Córpore Esthetic Center Madrid  |  Basic member  |  Madrid
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Hi. You have a very beautiful face!! you only need some little changes! The thing about your eyebrows can be managed by surgery but it will make a scar in you eyebrows margin and I really don´t recommend that because of your clear eyebrows. I think you have to manage it with botox.
Your double lip is because there is a muscle between your nose tip and your lip that contracts when you smile. It can be managed by Botox also or by surgery. Normally in my nose surgery I work with that muscle. Finally you need a nose surgery. You have a "box tip" as we call it technically. You need an open rhinoplasty and I recommend a structural rhinoplasty to change dramatically your nose. If you want you can see images of in my Instagram @doctor.colombo. I work in South America where noses like your are frequent. I work also in madrid. I can make your surgery there if you want. I´ll be working between May 01 and June 15 at Madrid.
Dr. Serban Porumb  |  Basic member  |  Oradea
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We have a very good experience with rhinoplasty and we can help in your case, especially in the lower part of your nose. You may contact us with our clinic website, Estetis Clinic, and you will receive more information about this surgery
Clinichub  |  Basic member  |  Besiktas
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Dear Pirita,

We are proud to announce that your operation will be carried out by one of the most experienced surgeon in Rhinoplasty who performed more than 20000 successful surgeries and has 20 years experience.
Please check our instagram page: @clinichubuk
We perform our surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey and we have a contact office in London, UK.

Warm regards,
International Coordinator - Basar: + 90 532 589 3313
Assistant: + 90 543 368 9712
Ellekay  |  visitor  |  California
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I think no surgeon or surgery can make you better balanced than you are now. You are picking on yourself, you are super gorgeous and improvement is risky imo

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