Revision Rhinoplasty Olivier Gerbault and Nazim Cerkes

Revision Rhinoplasty Olivier Gerbault and Nazim Cerkes

Aike  |  visitor  |  Florida
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I am looking for people who had travelled for a revision rhinoplasty with Olivier Gerbault and Nazim Cerkes. There are not too many reviews. As far as I know, bad reviews are prohibited in France and that makes the research more difficult and makes me doubt. In realself there is not any review from Nazim Cerkes and Olivier Gerbault account has been suspended. Thank you!
Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Magnus Noah  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Kassel
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Dear Aike, both are surgeons with great experience in secondary rhinoplasty. Realself is not very popular in Europe , we have different discussion blogs , mostly not in English but in the countries native language.
Did you get in contact to each of my friends? They will consult by photo. You could also contact Dr. Calvert in Beverly Hills. It’s a group of Rhino friends!
Good luck.
Prof. E.M. Noah
Aike  |  visitor  |  Florida
  • 4 answers
Thank you. No answer from Gerbault, I got a simulation from Cerkes and Robotti. I have already contacted Dr Calvert, I’ll probably have the surgery with him. Thank for your comment!
Clinichub  |  Basic member  |  Besiktas
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Hello Aike, you can have a consultation with our 20 year experienced nose surgeon. Thank you.
Moonligbt  |  visitor  |  London, City of
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Nazim cerkes is a very bad doggy doctor

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