Rhinoplasty, brow & lip lift Feb 2017 - looking for a surgeon in the Czech Rep. or Poland

Rhinoplasty, brow & lip lift Feb 2017 - looking for a surgeon in the Czech Rep. or Poland

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I've been searching for months trying to find the right facial plastic surgeon that could address these three concerns. Ideally I would like to operate mid February 2017 in poland or Czech Republic. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Rhinoplasty, brow and lip lift are performed at our clinic as walk in walk out surgeries. It would be best that you send us your pictures and we can let you know details.
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Our clinic is based in Wrocław, Poland and we offer discounts for multiple surgeries. our surgeon dr Piotr Rataj performs all three procedures, please feel free to check his reviews online. If interested, please get in touch and we'll take it from there. Have a nice day!

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We are located in western part of Romania, close to the border with Hungary and we do perform all this procedures, including endoscopic brow lift. You may check our webpage and see some results with this surgery and send us a few pictures with front and sides views for a first evaluation.
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Dear madam,

In our clinic in Belgrade we regularly perform rhynoplasties , sometimes combined with lip lift. We can also perform brow lift for you.

It is a private hospital , situatet less than 15 mins from the airport. The prices are modest, and overall quality is high.

you can appoint your exam through my email , or through the site.

Our staff speak English, German, and some of them speak Italian.

we look forward to see you.
dr Igor Maljković, board certified plastic surgeon.
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