Rhinoplasty combined with septoplasty

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Hi, a relative of mine needs a septoplasty with turbinate reducation. He wanted to have it combined with rhinoplasty. Though septoplasty would be covered by medical insurance, the rhinoplasty cost is too high in our home country. May be it is going to be cheaper to have both surgeries done in Czech Republic, even if he has to pay for both out of his pocket?
I would like to get an estimate for the time and money. Also, if he has septoplasty done at home, how soon he can have a rhinoplasty abroad afterwords?
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Good afternoon,
it is possible to combine septoplasty with rinoplasty, but depend on deformity of septum or nose. Sometimes it is not very good to operate this ones together. The price in our medical center is 16 000,- Kč for septoplasty and 25 000,-Kč for rinoplasty.
Dr. Vidura
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Dr. Vidura,

Thanks for the answer.
If he does septoplasty separately, how soon after that he can do the rhinoplasty?
Also, what type of anesthesia do you use for rhinoplasty, and how long he will have to stay under your observation before flying back home?

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it would be great if you could send us your pictures. Then we will be able to say something more.
Cost of the operation is about 9000zł
Your sincerly,
dr J.Chęciński
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Dear friend,
septorhinoplasty is a treatment of choise in such an situation and it is definetly better to perform such surgery as a single step procedure. First, it saves body from repeated anesthesia and surgery and second it saves patient's money. Is is much better if the septorihinoplasty is performend by one experienced nasal surgeon. The price list can be found at XXXXXXXXXXXX. In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at +XXXXXXXXXXXX. Best regards,
Vaclav Pavelec, MD, PHD
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we can offer you a rhinoplasty with septoplasty (in one surgery) performed by our rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Valka. In case of your interest, please send us photos from anfas and profile. We will then suggest an optimal treatment and a price offer. The surgery is performed in total anesthesis, a minimum of 1 clinic night is required after the surgery.

Best regards,
Zdena Stratilova, MD
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Good morning,
if you and your surgeon will decide to operate separately, you can undergo rinoplasty after cca 4-6 months. You must stay after surgery about 1 day in the hospital, and stay for control first week, than you can departure and visit the physician at home. Both procedures are under general anesthesia.
Vidura, R. MD,Ph.D.
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We can offer your relative, to make both treatments-septoplasty and turbinate reducation in one operation session. The other option is, to do the septoplasty at home and after approximately 6-12 month to do the rhinoplasty with us. In both cases you have to consider 1-2 days to stay in the hospital. Both procedures are under general anesthesia. The first after operation check up will take place 7 days after the operation (latest then you can fly home). To give you an precise price estimation, please send us the pictures of your nose (both anfas and from the profile). We can offer you an operation date in October.
In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Jozef Hedera, M.D.

e-mail: interklinik@interklinik.sk
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