Rhinoplasty: who shall I choose for the surgery?

Rhinoplasty: who shall I choose for the surgery?

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I've decided to go ahead with rhinoplasty but I'm nervous about who to choose, should it be someone who just specialises in rhinoplasty or any cosmectic surgeon as long as they have good reviews ? Any advice on what's to start would be greatful thank you.
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You should choose a specialist Rhinoplasty surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty. Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr.H.A.Khawaja has pioneered large number of simplified rhinoplasty techniques which are not only very safe, but are done totally under local anesthesia as walk in walk out surgeries. There is minor swelling as compared to conventional rhinoplasty under general anesthesia and results are highly desirable. Examples include simplified rhinoplasty, SNTL rhinoplasty, simplified implant rhinoplasty, simplified nasal tip lift, simplified nasal shortening, Transcutaneous rhinoplasty, simplified hump removal, simplified alar shortening and others. We give you priority if you are coming from abroad and you can have your surgery according to your schedule. After a short stay or overnight at your hotel, you can fly back home. We do not use any stitches or bandages that need removal. Final results are seen in weeks as compared to conventional rhinoplasty in general anesthesia, where you need to wait months or years for the final results.
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Choose the talented surgeon who has excellent patient reviews and photographs.
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My opinion is to choose someone who also knows how to operate the inner part of the nose - so I mean a plastic surgeon which comes from ENT. And the second advice is to choose a surgeon which lives close to You. The last advice is to choose the surgeon You trust and You have a good feeling when You leave him.
Kind regards,
Dr. Joachim Dodenhöft,
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Thank you :) I will take that on board, as this is a tough decision. Thanks again
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Our surgeon dr Piotr Rataj performs closed Rhinoplasty, which provides good results with no visible scars and is experienced in Rhinoplasty. Please check his reviews and get in touch for more information. We are based in Wroclaw, Poland
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Hi, you should choose an experienced and fully qualified surgeon. If it is a very complex problem or revision surgery, it may be worth considering someone who does just rhinoplasties - but most patients do not need that, and probably do not benefit from that. There are also very few surgeons who do only rhinoplasties, and they tend to charge a lot for their expertise.
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Dear sir/madam,

I have been performin rhynoplasties for more than 10 years, and assisted them for 5 years more. My opinion is that the best results are when nose is operated by a team that consists od ENT specialist and a plastic surgeon.

Sometimes ENT specialist do all job, but I usually say that they have perfect functional outcome , but their aesthetic outcome is sometimes inferior compared to plastic surgeons.

Anyway, your surgeon must be qualified, and you have to ask him to show you his work, photos of his patients.

If you want a consult you can contact me through my website.

dr Igor Maljković
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