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What do you think about my nose job results? I had bulbous nose with defect that one cartilage was upper than other. Doctor was supposed to fix the defect and minnimaly cut cartilages. I worry that my nose is now too small and cartilages was too much cut. Additionally nose holes are uneven. Maybe cartilages was cut unevenly. Is revision necessary or result is good?
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Hello :) Is the first picture post op and two other before? And how long after the surgery are you? In case of nose surgeries, depending on the method, the final results are usually visible after a few months.
Innocenty3  |  visitor  |  Malopolskie
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No, first is before, and other post rhinoplasty

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Innocenty3  |  visitor  |  Malopolskie
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I'm 5 months after nose job
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There is swelling of your nose and you need to wait 6-8 months at least for seeing the final results. After this time if you are not satisfied, you can consider revision, but as of now your nose looks pretty good apart from the swelling. You can take anti-inflammatory enzyme preparations like chymoral or equivalent 2-3 times a day to get rid of your swelling fast.
We practise now-a days No Swelling Rhinoplasty, in which there is minor or no swelling after your nose job and final results are permanent and seen in a few weeks after surgery.

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