Tip of nose becoming more round and nostrils are becoming more visible after rhinoplasty

Tip of nose becoming more round and nostrils are becoming more visible after rhinoplasty

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Why is the base of my nose turning round 21 DAYS AFTER rhinoplasty? It is becoming less defined and bulbous. Is this permanent? The base of my nose doesn't look pleasing and is almost same with my old nose. The nostrils are slowly showing and becoming more obvious through the days. Is my nose going to be like this until it has fully healed? Or is it going to drop down in the future? I am contemplating about having a revision on the 6th month if it will not drop down. For further info, my surgeon used goretex to improve my nose bridge, trimmed the sides of my nose, harvested some cartilage from my ear for the tip. (BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS): The one on the left looks more defined where the tip looks nice and pointy. Then the one on the right looks so round just like my old nose and nostrils are showing. It's becoming wider through the days and base of the nose is not proportion with my bridge.)
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Hello dear,
Your nose is clearly very swollen 21 days post operation. You will need to have patience, I believe your may see your better results at 6 month post operation. However, even swollen you’r new nose looks fab, imagine how well will look once fully recovered ( 1 year )
I planned to have a second nose job in June 2018. If my nose will end up like yours I will be very happy!
Wishing you swift recovery !
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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You have undergone conventional rhinoplasty and there is swelling of the nose. The swelling will improve in the coming weeks to months. It is difficult to say how long swelling will take to subside, but it can take around 8-9 months or more. You will be able to appreciate the final result at this time.
SCARLESS NASAL TIP SHARPENING: We are the pioneers of scarless nasal tip sharpening. Your round nasal tip can be converted to a sharp tip if after 8 months, you so desire. There is minor or no swelling with our rhinoplasties, and final results are seen in days to weeks as compared to conventional rhinoplasty, where you need to wait for several months for seeing the final results. You can read details on our facebook page CSSC international + and on our facebook profile Cosm Surg. You can call us on whatsapp for more details, the current available discounts and the best price that we can offer you.
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Doctor can you please tell me the cost of this rhinoplasty ? Any discount ?

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