Help me plsss, Penoplasty

Help me plsss, Penoplasty

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Here in riyadh area only
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Our clinic is for men only and is located in Bangkok. We can arrange accomodation for customers near the clinic.
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You can contact me here:
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We receive a lot of patients every year from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for penis enlargement surgery. Khawajas Simplified Penis Enlargement Surgery is done as a day care procedure with no hospital stay. The procedure time is 1-2 hours. It is walk in walk out surgery done in local anesthesia. Results are excellent and guaranteed. You gain inches in length of penis depending on your anatomy and girth of penis also increases considerably, at times it becomes double. The costs:

1. Standard Penis Length increase = 1500 USD
2. Extra Penis Length increase= 2500 USD
3. Standard Penis Fat Fill= 1500 USD
4. Extra Girth Penis Fat Fill= 2500 USD

Our techniques are scarless and undetectable. The recovery time is about a week to ten days. The stitches are auto-dissolvable and you do not need to come back for stitch removal. You can do sex as soon as after a week to ten days. If you are coming from abroad, you can take the next flight same or next day as you wish.

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