Penis enlargement both length and girth

Penis enlargement both length and girth

Brad  |  visitor  |  North Carolina
I’m not uncomfortable with my size, I get told by all the girls I’ve been with that I’m really big. A lot Of them Claim it actually hurts but I feel from a mans perspective bigger is better, the stretching gives you more sensation making it feel much tighter and having a bigger dong gives you more surface area as well as the feeling of getting much deeper and the head hitting the bottom of the vagina. How much gains can I expect and how much will it cost? Also will it alter the looks of my penis besides the difference in size? Will I still have the protruding veins as well as the roughness of the outside texture of my penis? I’ve been told that the feeling of my veins and the muscle like texture of my shaft are what gives them the best sensation. They say the roughness of it is usually what makes them orgasm or the smaller girls say is what makes it hurt. Is it possible to reach 3 extra inches in length and one or two in girth. My girth right now is 6.5 inches
Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.  |  Premium member  |  Sexology  |  Alanya
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Hi Dear Brad

Thanks for your interesting in our clinic. Op. Dr. cem Özlük will be your surgeon. He is 3 specialized surgeon: Urologist, sexologist, genital aesthetic surgeon. He ahd done more than 9.000 cases and also famous people and models surgeries all patients are satisfied. You will be so satisfied for sure.

Your penis will be atleast 4-5 cm lenghter and wider.

Could you give me this information? old are you?
4. Had you have done any surgery before?
5. Do you have allergy?
6. Name and surname

You can reach doctor Cem özlük interviews and animations by following links:

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Sexual dysfunction treatment:

Penis enlargeemnt:

Penis enlargement animation:

Also you can check our website:

Doctor Cem is working in 2 centers in Tureky (He has 2 clinics): Ankara and Antalya/Alanya. In accorsing to his surgeries programs and your availability surgery date you can come to one of these cities.

Best regards
Head assistant
If you need any more information you can reach me by the following number:  0090... Show number 00905366753260  Telephone
And you can reach Dctor directly:  0090... Show number 00905325534817  Telephone
HE CLINIC FOR MEN  |  Basic member  |  Bangkok
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If what you are saying here is true then you don't need penile enhancement.
Do some google search on average penis size you will be surprised by how small average size is.
If you are above average size then your problems may be above the neck and not below the waist.
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore Stockholm
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Simplified Penis Enlargement is a technique, pioneered by Dr.H.A.Khawaja, MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon. You can gain few inches ( 2-6 inches ) in length of penis, depending on your requirement and considerable increase in girth as well. We use the Khawaja"s Simplified Quick fat Transfer technique for penis girth increase. The increase in length is achieved laproscopically. The procedure is done totally in local anesthesia as walk in walk out surgery. Results are excellent and guaranteed. Procedure time is around 1 hour. You are able to fly back or travel immediately after your surgery. There are no complications. You are able to do sex after 1 week. The cost is 5000 USD. Aref Elsewifi  |  Premium member  |  Urology  |  Berlin
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Hello dear Bard,

Thank you for your Question. Elseweifi is our principle surgeon. he is a Consultant of urology and andrology specialised in male surgery since 1997 and one of the most experienced in Europe.He has set many clinics in the Golf Region and introduced laser and male genital esthetic surgery to this Region as well as in Germany. our practice is receiving patients from all over the world.
Your Penis can have girth enhancement up to 35-50% of the original depending on your fat under your Body Skin. Lengthening of 3-5 cm is possible. This is very dependant on what is available in your Body. THe Skin of the penis will not be very much altered. Roughness will be maintained. The superficial veins may in some cases be flat. We Need to have a Picture of your penis from front and side and from your thigh behind to give a prcise opinion.
I would like to invite you to visit the site of Dr. Elseweifi under for more Information on Penile girth enhancement and penile enlargement or you may be interested on surgery for premature ejaculation or scrotal enlargement.

best regards

Jessica Rieck
Assistant of Dr. Elseweifi

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