Series of PRP likely in my foot

Series of PRP likely in my foot

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I have questions for both doctors and lady people...
I'm about to start what will probably be a series of PRP injections into my foot and ankle to heal multiple acute (7 1/2 weeks) tendon and ligament injuries around my foot from a fall off a parking lot curb. I'm 56 with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility). Do any of you have information regarding (1) effects of multiple injections in nearby areas (Does it speed up or improve the overall healing process?), (2) results of PRP to full tendon tears (What's the likelihood of needing more than one injection after a period of healing from the first as my tear is 1.3 cm long in the Peroneus Longus? What is the experience like compared to one time treatment such as will I probably be non-weight bearing the entire time between injections? How often is a third treatment period needed?).

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