Bruising on one eye after a princess filler injection in my tear troughs

Bruising on one eye after a princess filler injection in my tear troughs

Rosey  |  visitor  |  New South Wales
Princess Filler Materials

I had princess filler injected in my tear troughs and my eyes are now dark underneath, have never had this problem. I have had them done before and had restylne injected with no visible side effects. I did have bruising on one eye that is still healing. I have looked for info on this product and it seems to be vey hard to find and looks like it may not be recommended for the tear trough area.

Thoughts Peter Dana  |  Basic member  |  General Practice for adults  |  Alicante
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Princess is an excelent filler.
I am working with fillers for more than 30 Years, and i prefer Princess.
I could see better results than by Restylane, and for more than 2 Years we use more Princess than Restylane.
For me is the area around the Eyes a no go area. The complication rate is very hight. The problems ar by Fillers the same, also by Fattransfer.

Dr. Peter Dana
Dr. Mario Alfonso González Cepeda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cancun
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hello rosey

it is imprtant to know that every filler have a different composition for different areas but on my experience when you will fillers or botox done it have to be at certain dstance from te eyes due to this area is very sensitive and the risk increases by applying it there, what you may be having is a reaction ofthe product i will advice you to bette get back with the surgeon who applied it and get a cehck up to find put what it could be happening but my recommendation is not to have it done in ths area again if you want to improv the eyes is always better to loook for another options.

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