Price of princess filler materials

Price of princess filler materials

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Princess Filler Materials

Hello! Can you please tell me the price for Princess Injection.....and also comparring with Juvaderm, which one is better?
MUDr. Lucie Jurtinová  |  Basic member  |  Corrective dermatology  |  Prague
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Hello, both of them are hyaluronic acid fillers. Additionaly Juvéderm includes Lidocain (anesthetic) inside and the effect lasts a little bit longer but is more expensive. There are differences in prices also in types of Juvéderm and Princess (Princess filler, Princess Voluma, Juvéderm 3, 4, Voluma...). You can see the prices on our website or come for consultation which filler is the best for you. Best regards, MUDr. Lucie Jurtinova,
Dr. med. Petra Berger  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main Zurich Palma de Mallorca
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i dont know princess brand, but i have been working a lot wirh perlane/restylane, juvederm and radiesse and for deep wrinkles, i like best the radiessse effect.

kind regards,

dr petra berger, frankfurt/zürich
AESTHETICA Constanta  |  Basic member  |  Constanta
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Princess filler is not a premium filler which means it is a lighter filler that has a shorter period of tissue retain. Juvederm is from my experience the number one quality filler because it has a very natural result that is maintained for a very long period
Dr. Mario Alfonso González Cepeda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cancun
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hello BBS

i will give you some detail information about different fillers i hope it can help you to decide wich one to get
Restylane and Perlane give the perfect natural rejuvenating results when used to correct lines, wrinkles and folds. In my opinion, these hyaluronic acid fillers are the best fillers on the market for facial contouring and shaping such as cheek enhancement.

Juvederm ultra is the newest member of the Hydrafill/Juvederm family produced by Allergan, the makers of botox. In my experience the results are good and reliable, and some clinicians rave about these fillers due to the smooth homogenous make-up of this stabilised hyaluronic acid gel giving a smooth and natural result. However, exactly because of this smoother gel, I find it is less accurate, and while injecting it it often does not stay where I place it and I sometimes see it shoot off at right angles, unlike Restylane which stays put. It is also not as good at facial contouring, again because it is just too soft!

Sculptra is not strictly a filler, but is a sculpting and volumising agent. Unlike Restylane and Juvederm it is not a hyaluronic acid filler, but is made up of Poly L Lactic acid, which is a sugar molecule said to be a collagen stimulator. In the right hands, and used for carefully indentified facial corrections, sculptra results in second to none results, earning in it’s media nickname of “the liquid facelift”. For filling large depressions and for facial contouring this is arguably the best of the lot, but when used to remove wrinkles it does fall slightly short. It is a very “technique sensitive” product and in inexperienced hands the results can still be less than perfect. And another thing, if you are the kind of person who wants to see immediate results, you will be very disappointed as the full results with Sculptra can take as long as 6-18 weeks! On the flip side this means you achieve rejuvenating results gradually and naturally!

Radiesse is made up of synthetic Calcium Hydroxylapatite microspheres, and it is both a filler like restylane, and a collagen stimulator like Sculptra. It is the new kid on the block, having been launched as recently as 2004, and the results do seem to be quite impressive so far.

hyaluronic acid dermal filler is injected into the skin with a fine needle and treatment usually takes about 30 minutes. The result is immediately apparent. Slight burning which soon disappears may be felt when applying Princess hyaluronic acid filler. Anaesthetic is not usually necessary and numbing cream can be applied on sensitive areas such as lips. Slight swelling and visible injection marks usually disappear within two days.

Results with PRINCESS hyaluronic acid injections last from 6 to 12 months depending on the individual and the procedure can be repeated at any time. In the case of mesotherapy, treatment needs to be repeated about 3 times.

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