Connection between migraines and rhinoplasty

Connection between migraines and rhinoplasty

Pat P  |  visitor  |  Idaho
I am looking for information on a possible connection between rhinoplasty surgery and the onset of chronic migraines within a month after a 2nd surgery. My daughter had a surgery after her 2 year old head butted her and broke her nose for the final time. the septen was connected to the head. She had her nose straighten at the same time. Feb 2012 She did have the hyertrtophic scar complications, which the doctor say they would fix in a year. She went in for a check, because her lower nose moved sideways. The septen had broke ( I assume at one of the cuts to straigthen). so she hahad another Surgery near Labor Day Sept 2012. They said they will fix the lump in a year. She started to have Bad migraines. They have done MRI or MRA lumbar punchure; full blood work. they thougth it was something very bad but luckly she is healthy but now has migrains. They have tried diet elimation, accupunce, chiropath, depression med; shots, etc. She has only identified a slight trigger of garlic. She is 27, mother, grad student. Do you know of any complication for rhinoplasty surgery and chronic migraines? Any literature that may point at cause and possible treatment? Pat Patterson
Dr Maghnam Ayed Shahateet M.D.FRCS Frcs  |  Basic member  |  Amman
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i dont think that there is any relation between sose surgery and migrain.
Anonymous  |  visitor  |  Massachusetts
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there is no proved connection between rhinoplasty and migrains.
Dr Sreekar Harinatha  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Bangalore
  • 53 answers
Literature says that deviated nasal septum is a cause of frontal headaches and migraine. Hence rhinoplasty for such correction will corelate with migraine.
lori  |  visitor  |  South Australia
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I'm having the same problem, have these headaches improved? thanks

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