Tatoo removal close to Medellin

Tatoo removal close to Medellin

Jenifer Rosales  |  visitor  |  New Jersey
omg i can't beleive it i've been e-mailing for
about 2 weeks now i will be in medellin 12-30
to 1-7 i would like to have varicos veins
treatment tatoo removal touch-up on my
perement makeup and a good facial.but i
haven't had no!!!!! response i also would like
to know were you are located @ i will be
staying @ san pedro del fuerteand how far
are you from the hotel.
Dott. Walter Chiara M.D.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Milano, Rimini, Rome Lugano
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Dear patient now one of the most effective laser removal of tattoos is the Picosure TM, this laser also affects the colors are more difficult to remove (yellow - green - red), is usually used by dermatologists, I suggest you search for a center that has this specialization, best regards Walter

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