Arm lift surgery: looking for some basic information about the surgery

Arm lift surgery: looking for some basic information about the surgery

mariol  |  visitor  |  Florida
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How the procedure is done, what kind of scar to expect, how long is recovery time,
is it general or local anast. how long does it take, what is a price?
Dr. Iulian Balan  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Istanbul
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It is not a complicated surgery. Implies a transversal scar in the armpit or a longitudinal scar on the inner part of the arm. Depends on the amount and the grade of sagging tissue. A couple of uploaded pictures would be enough to tell you. The procedure is done with general anaesthesia and takes about 1-1.5 hours. Recovery is straightforward. You will wear an elastic garment for one month. In Istanbul, Turkey it costs about 4000 USD including hospital stay for 3 days.
Estetik International Health Group  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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Hello Lucie.
In Estetik International Istanbul Turkey, we take into consideration mild cases incisionless techniques such as Spider Web Tecnique can be advantageous however lifting operations are valuable with patients complaning excessive skin sagging. As a result of advancements in surgical techniques like Nutituonal Infrasound Liposclupture or Laser Lipolysis, in Estetik International,we perform these procedures on most parts of body as an outpatient basis with safe, gentle anesthesia, much shorter recovery time and reduced risk.

Advantages : Advanced Techniques, Safe and Simple, Reduced Recovery Period

For further information
International Patients Specialist
Selma Brahim
Professor Dr. Adel Wilson MD, FRCS  |  Basic member  |  Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery  |  Cairo
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Can be done with local anesthesia.... I prefer the transverse scar since it is less disfiguring. Skin quality is most important factor.
Dr Ramasamy Lingappan  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Madurai
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Arm lift procedure can done under Local anesthesia with some sedation. It can be done under GA also. It is usually patient's preference. We are doing power assisted liposuction followed by skin tightening. Recovery time usually takes about 6 weeks. you can resume your work after a week. In our center in India it costs about 1500 -2000 USD.
Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Thomas Michel  |  Basic member  |  Offenbach am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Obertshausen
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Hello mariol,
the arm lift procedure is performed by liposuction alone or in the combination liposuction plus tightening by skin excision.I prefer a longitudinal scar localized in the inner arm region in a more dorsal position and a procedure under general anaesthesia (local anaestesia is possible too).The costs (3000-4000 € or more) depend on the individual extent of the procedure.It takes (both arms) between 1 1/2 and 4 hours in respect to the individual situation.
Best regards, Thomas Michel
Dott. Walter Chiara M.D.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Milano, Rimini, Rome Lugano
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Dear patient intervention of lifting arms can be done with different surgical techniques, the scars that this intervention involve have treated with laser fraxel. The surgery under local anesthesia with deep sedation and usually not require hospital stay. The surgery lasts approximately 3 hours. Be evaluated according the age and condition of the arms is use of the machine Vaser which causes a skin retraction by reshaping the area .The technique to be performed is based on the problem. The cost is € 8,000 plus costs of the clinic. Sincerely Walter
Dr. Nasim Huq M.S., FRCSC, M.Sc.,F.A.C.S. C.A.Q.S.H.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Niagara Falls
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Upper Arm Lift
Enhancing your appearance with an arm lift

Fluctuations in weight, growing older and even heredity can cause your upper arms to have a drooping, sagging appearance.

Exercise may strengthen and improve the underlying muscle tone of the upper arm, but it cannot address excess skin that has lost elasticity or underlying weakened tissues and localized fat deposits.

If the underside of your upper arms are sagging or appear loose and full due to excess skin and fat, an arm lift may be right for you.

An arm lift:
. Reduces excess skin and fat between the underarm and the elbow
. Reshapes your arm to result in smoother skin and contours
. Results in a more toned and proportionate appearance

A special note: In order to achieve your improved image, there will be a scar on the inside of your upper arm.

What is an arm lift?

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the under portion of the upper arm, from the underarm region to the elbow. The procedure is performed to:

. Reduce excess sagging skin that droops downward
. Tighten and smooth the underlying supportive tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm
. Reduce localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region

Is it right for me?

In general, candidates for an arm lift include:

. Adults with significant upper arm skin laxity
. Adults of any age whose weight is relatively stable and who are not significantly overweight
. Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that can impair healing or increase risk of surgery
. Non-smokers
. Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations

This procedure can be done under a local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic.
Dr. Mario Alfonso González Cepeda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Cancun
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hello mariol
i have my surgery clinic in Cancun,Mexico one of the most beatiful medical destinations.
An arm lift procedure includes the following steps:

Step 1 - Anesthesia

Medications are administered for your comfort during arm lift surgery. The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.

Step 2 - The incision
Incision length and pattern during arm lift surgery depend on the amount and location of excess skin to be removed, as well as the best judgment of your plastic surgeon.
Incisions are generally placed on the inside of the arm or on the back of the arm, depending on the surgeon’s preference, and may extend from the underarm (axilla) to just above the elbow. Excess fat may be directly excised or treated with liposuction
Depending on your specific condition, incisions may be more limited. Then, underlying supportive tissue is tightened and reshaped with internal sutures. Finally, the skin is smoothed over the new contour of your arm.

Step 3 - Closing the incisions

Your incisions will be closed either with absorbable sutures, or stitches that will be removed within one to two weeks following your arm lift.

Step 4 - See the results

The smoother, tighter contours that result from brachioplasty are apparent almost immediately following your procedure, although there will likely be swelling and bruising.

The price for this procedure is $3500 usd and includes:
Medical/Nursing/Anesthesiology Fees
Surgery Center stay (if recommended by the Dr.)
Medications (Antibiotics, Anesthetics, Pain control)
All Cancun area transfers (airport-hotel-clinic)
Compression Garment(s)
Cardiology evaluation (if needed)
Personal bilingual assistance

Dr. Gustavo Kovalovsky  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Buenos Aires
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As the other doctors have written , there are 2 possible scars for this surgery.
The armpit scar is only in case of a reduced amount of skin to be removed.
The longitudinal scar, placed in the inner part of the arm will give a better result.
Scars can be treated with Fraxel laser in case they need to be fade
This surgery can be done under both types of anaesthesia, but I prefer local anaesthesia and a sedation, applied by my anaesthesiologist, because recovery is faster, and reduces the complications of the general anaesthesia.
This surgery takes 1.5-2.5 hours.
My patients return to their normal lives 3 days after the surgery.
You will have to use an especial elastic compresion garment for 4 weeks, after the surgery.
The cost of this surgery is us$3500, includes:
Pre surgery consultation and all post surgery controls (made by my, not by a nurse), O.R, disposable materials,
Medications during your stay at the clinic, all the fees at the clinic, the fees for my surgery team (principal plastic surgeon, second plastic surgeon, assistants, nurses, anaesthesiologist )
Best regards
Dr Gustavo Kovalovsky
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
ARG Plastic Surgery
Buenos Aires-Argentina
Mr Anindya Lahiri FRCS (Plastic Surgery)  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield
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The procedure involves removing excess skin in a way to leave the least visible scar. There will be a long scar but on the inside of the arm where it does not show. Healing takes 2-3 weeks, full recovery about six weeks. General anaesthesia - about £4000 in UK.
pocohontess  |  visitor  |  California
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How long do we have to wear the arm compression garment for?

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christopherrhodes  |  visitor  |  Nevada
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It all depends on the surgeon how does they do as everyone has there own expertise and experience but one of my friend who has done his arm surgery from Orthopedic practice Long Island have used local anaesthesia and a sedation as the recovery was faster and there is no scars left around it.
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore
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We use Khawaja's Simplified Scarless Arm Lift Technique. You avoid the un-aesthetic scars of conventional arm lift. The procedure is done totally under local anesthesia with no hospital stay. The cost is 15000 US Dollars.

Dr. Omar Fouda Neel  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Montreal, Laval
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An arm lift aka brachioplasty involves excision of skin along the lower border of the arm and will leave a thin scar along the inside of the arm. There are different degrees of ptosis (drooping) deformity. Brachioplasty can remove the excess tissue and reduce the circumference of the upper arm. Surgical correction depends on the amount of extra skin and how loose the supporting tissues have become. Extra skin is removed from incisions along the inner arm. The incision must be placed where the tissue can be best tightened.
The most common incision used for brachioplasty extends from the elbow to the axilla.

Recovery post brachioplasty takes one to two weeks. Swelling is generally mild to moderate, and peaks at 2 to 3 days. While each person’s recovery is unique, bruising and swelling after an arm lift generally lasts 1 to 2 weeks. You’ll probably be able to return to work in a week, and resume exercise within 2 weeks. Strenuous workouts and contact sports can be engaged in after about four weeks. The dressing may be extensive after brachioplasty with elastic support or something smaller. You will need to protect the incisions after surgery. Limiting lifting is important. Elevation with pillows increases comfort. It can take 6 months or more to see how the scars will evolve.

Average cost in Montreal Canada varies between $5000-$7500.

Hope this helped!!
Medicalaest Greffe de Cheveux  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Istanbul
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As with all surgeries, the first step is anesthesia. In arm surgery and arm surgery, the surgeon uses total anesthesia. In some other operations, such as mesotherapy or laser therapy, local anesthesia is sufficient to complete the procedure.
Surgical incision. The surgical incision is made from the armpit and depends on the amount and length of the amount of fat and skin desired to be eliminated through the process. Laser liposuction requires a surgical incision no longer than 5 mm in most cases, and treatment with mesotherapy and ultrasound does not require surgery.
The desired cosmetic procedure is performed, whether it is tightening the skin and removing the wrinkles of the arms only or the process of sucking the fat of the arms followed by a tightening of the skin.
The surgical incision is closed and bandages are placed on the arms and the patient enters the recovery stage and waits for results.

Medicalaest CLINIC
Dr. med. Özge Ergün  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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Reduces excess sagging skin that droops downward. Tightens and smoothes the underlying supportive tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm. Max 7 days after you can return your normal life. If you want learn prices and more you can click the link below.

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