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Hello everyone, I would like to start a treatment of feminization of my person, I would like, before arriving at the real intervention of sexual reassignment (from man to woman) start making my figure and my face extremely feminine. Which treatments I could start doing like: permanent hair removal, hormonal treatment, rhinoplasty, modeling of my figure, breast augmentation, in short, what treatments I can do to look extremely feminine, where to do them and with what costs. Thanks to those who can answer me.
Caraps MEDLine  |  Premium member  |  Tbilisi
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Dear Claudia, you can do everything you mentioned above. For further details please send your photos on mail - carapsmedline@yahoo.com
Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.  |  Premium member  |  Urology  |  Alanya
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Hi There

Firstly you should start going to the psychiatrist and start hormon therapy after at least 6 months untill 1 year and getting permission letter for bein acceptable for sexual reassignment surgery we can do your surgery. We are based in Turkey and we are 8 surgerons who are well experienced and recommend you to look at our websites.


Best regards
Claudia  |  visitor
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Hello, thanks to all of you for the answers, I wanted to know, however, if it was possible to start doing all the way, including hormonal administration, without having to do it in my country of origin in which it is quite complicated, I would like to know if and where it could be possible to start everything with visits and hormonal administration and then continue with various interventions to be more feminine until ending with sexual resignation, thanks for those who will give me certain answers. Thanks, Claudia
Kim Morgan-wishing-sex-reassignement-M-to-F  |  visitor  |  Grand Est
Hello, Claudia, You should start a THS MTF with a doctor and an andocrinologue and after this hormonal therapy of one or two years, you will be acceptable for a SRS Sex reassignement Surgery for transform your penis sex into a vagina. In Thailand they are very professional. This is the result of years and thousands of patients well oprate with a nice esthetic and sensible clitoris usable for sex.
Claudia  |  visitor
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thanks Morgan, but could you give me some more information? Can I do everything in Thailand including hormone treatment? I would like to start with step by step procedures, for example: starting with hormones, doing permanent body and face hair removal, liposculpture and abdominoplasty, breast, face and then finally doing sexual reassignment, feasible thinking all this and everything done in Thailand or in another place where they are experts? Thank you.

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Kim Morgan-wishing-sex-reassignement-M-to-F  |  visitor  |  Grand Est
Hello Claudia, Well, Firstly you must poursuit the hormonal treatment THS in your land with your current doctor He must give you the prescription to start the androcrynologie plan for at least 6 to one year of female hormones treatment (oestrogen, estradiol and progesteron). The only problem is to obtain the prescription from your general doctor, you must be true, volunter and very feminine.
The andocrinilogue will regulate and control the rate of hormones in your blood and the reaction from your body cells. After this transistion to become more sensible in mind and physically, you will can take a meeting to the sex reassignment surgery clinic to Thailand. They do very well this job ans you can obtain others feminisation interventions such as lipo, abdo, breast augmentation and female face.
The costs and the times of cuting are very important that's why you must consult the Doctors to évaluate and advise in consequence.
Can you send me a picture,
Roegards Ronald Bittante
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore Stockholm
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We have been doing MTF for the last 30 years. You should make an appointment and come to us for a detailed check up. Breast Implants, Genital Reassignment and Hair Removal are the main target areas, with other allied feminizing procedures as well. All procedures are done in hospital, but with no hospital stay.

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Caraps MEDLine  |  Premium member  |  Tbilisi
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Dear Kim,
Breast Augmentation price in our clinic is 4000 USD and SRS MTF price is 15000 USD. But in May and June we have sale on MTF surgery and we can offer half price - 7500 USD.

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Kim Morgan-wishing-sex-reassignement-M-to-F  |  visitor  |  Grand Est
Good afternoon Doctor,
Thanks for your reply, Where is located your surgery center ? Is it public or private ? Does this price can include all the expense plane, room, food during all the convalescence ?
Your price converted in Euro is 6060 €, do you mean that the price for the breast surgery and the sex reassignement is at 6060 € ? What is the technic used, because I wish to have the sigmoïd technic for have a natural lubrication, is it able to be construct ? Thank you for your comments. Kim.

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