Looking for the best surgeon for Gender reassignment

Looking for the best surgeon for Gender reassignment

behnoud  |  visitor  |  Khuzestan
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Best price Best quality With sensitivity And less scars Please guid me...🙂
Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D.  |  Premium member  |  Sexology  |  Alanya
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Hi Daer Behnoud

I am Mona International Aesthetic head assistance in Turkey.

Could you let me know which surgery do you want to do? to help you more.

In our clinic there are 8 surgeons who are one of the best surgeons. Your surgeries will be done by professore associated who had done so many cases for 20 years and 2 more famous plastic surgeons. In our center had done models and famous people surgeries. All of our patients are satisfied.

We give to our patients luxury services: Round trip flight tickets+ 5 stars hotel accomodation+airport transfer+surgery.

For your surgery I wanna ask you to send us your pictures to have discussion with Doctors and guide you in the best way.
I will be delighted to hear from you soon.
You can reach me on what's app by the following number:  0090... Show number 00905366753260  Telephone


Best regards,
Head assistance
International Aesthetic
Caraps MEDLine  |  Premium member  |  Tbilisi
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Our clinic offers best price and best quality. Visit "Caraps Medline" in Tbilisi! :)

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