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Discussion topics - Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

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Tummy tuck at 47 years old  6 2020-01-18
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Making this belly smaller: Warsaw, Poland  17 2019-03-04
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Tummy Tuck or Lipo?  12 2019-02-25
Side effects of a tummy tuck?  4 2019-02-25
Free tummy tuck by trainee doctor in South Africa  3 2018-07-14
Lipectomy and liposuction  8 2018-06-20
Tummy tuck and its price  13 2018-01-30
Forme clinic Prague tummy tuck - what are your reviews?  8 2018-01-19
Who is doing free tummy tucks?  7 2017-11-26
Do I need to wear compression garment after tummy tuck suregry?  7 2017-02-04
Cost of an abdominoplasty  14 2017-01-11
Mommy makeover prices  12 2017-01-11
Looking for a tummy tuck for a moderate price  6 2016-09-22
Should I loose weight before a tummy tuck?  2 2016-09-13
Abdominoplasty: incision opened  1 2015-12-11
I cannot lose my belly fat: which surgery shall I undergo?  10 2015-03-01
Abdominoplasty: Adderall after tummy tuck surgery  7 2015-01-19
How to apply for a free tummy tuck?  10 2014-10-07
Canadian Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tucks discount prices  29 2014-10-07
How long is the hospitalization after abdominoplasty?   POPULAR  22 2014-06-26
How much does a tummy tuck cost in Basel?  1 2014-06-24
Abdominoplasty combined with a fixation of scare tissue  7 2014-01-24
Abdominoplasty: swelling and burning after the surgery  7 2013-12-27
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