Abdominoplasty preparation to lose weight

Abdominoplasty preparation to lose weight

Barbie2Be  |  visitor  |  Brussels
Not really surgery related..but I hope that someone can help me out.
My sis and I are searching for the pills phenthermine or phen phen / adipex
We’re based in Belgium so we can’t get our hands on it.

If someone can help us out
We would like to lose some weight before going for our surgery
Private Cevre Hospital  |  Premium member  |  Istanbul
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Dr. André Hazan  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
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I recommend strongly to alter habits... physical activities / regular movements in regular day.... you don’t need to kilk yourself... discover a pleasant activity so that you could be motivated to do... nowadays you can select seceral musics you love... maybe adding musics you feel energized positively... you’ll add more pleasure... and administrate foods/ after get away hormonal problems
And then you’ll create safe and wonderfull habits and you’ll come here to have a surgery with us
I’m a very serious and consciencious Plastic Surgeon... and we operate at best Hospital in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo/ Brazil

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