Free tummy tuck by trainee doctor in South Africa

Free tummy tuck by trainee doctor in South Africa

scottie  |  visitor  |  Western Cape
i live in george in south africa and im in the sane position as al the others with a sagy tummy and need a tummy tuck but dont have any funding available....
marie4u  |  visitor  |  Islamabad
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dont worry god is great
bree  |  visitor  |  Gauteng
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Good morning
My name is Bridgette Ndimande from Johannesburg, i have 3 children my stomach is in a bad shape, i cant wear anything i like. I have tried exercise but was unsuccessful. I do not have have any funding available.
Nadine  |  visitor  |  Gauteng
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Hi I hv a big tummy can u help plz iam getting bateria infections and can't afford it

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Registered user FORMÉ Clinic 2018-05-24
It's worth it     

What a amazing place , and the team are amazing they look after you so well , the nursing team are amazing ,lucie,Sylvia.monica , dr Benz what a amazing surgeon . I have recommended this clinic to all my friends , I tra... More 

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