Tummy Tuck: insurence

Tummy Tuck: insurence

LizetteWilson  |  visitor  |  California
Is a tummy tuck covered by insurance?
Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Frankfurt am Main
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In Germany there must be documented a medical necessity.

Best regards from Frankfurt,

Dr. med. Paul J. Edelmann.
Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Legarda  |  Premium member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Bogotá
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Just if there are a medical issue supporting the surgery is needed for health.
ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
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Yes but only in situations where the surgery is performed by a certain reason - needed for health.
Dr. med. Özge Ergün  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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Generally, insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery, and tummy tuck procedures are grouped in this category. Health insurance companies may occasionally cover a similar procedure, panniculectomy, in certain cases. These cases include extreme obesity, in which the patient has difficulty caring for him- or herself, especially the skin beneath the large belly. Panniculectomy involves taking off this large "pannus" or overhanging abdominal tissue, and does not involve tightening the rectus muscles. Panniculectomy should not be confused with tummy tuck or abdominoplasties.
Best of luck.
Ozge Egun M.D
Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
beautyprotect  |  Premium member  |  Triesen
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Depending on your county, your Health Insurance will usually only pay for Medical Necessary things. Unless you have statement from the Doctor that this is necessary for your health and your Health Insurance to approve in forehand. Start with your Doctor...
Don't forget to buy some insurance for possible complications after your operation, this is also not insured! For example www.beautyprotect.com
Op. Dr. Arif Eroglu MD.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Istanbul
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no it is not

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