Tummy tuck and its price

Tummy tuck and its price

sue  |  visitor  |  Victoria
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Hi im from trinidad i have lost 180lb how much will it cost for a tummy tuck
Dr. André Hazan  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
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The ideal is you choose a surgeon and talk with him. I often perform surgery in weight loss patient. The main consideration is if you are estabilized in your laboratorial and clinical conditions
We need to understand if you need to understand in fact what's your need
If you're interested to have a trip to perform the surgery, you need to be well guided and have a serious team and have a surgery in a safe Hospital with proper infra-structure.
If you have any interest to contact us, please send email and let me to know who knows we'll take care of you here and we'll organize your planning together
Dr. André Hazan  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
  • 310 answers
Best regards to you and family
Good lucky in your choices
Dr. Carlos González Legarda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Bogotá
  • 373 answers
In my clinic around 2500 to 5.000 USD
Naina khan
Naina khan  |  visitor  |  Islamabad
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Is the price of a tummy tuck depends on tummy size or how. This cost of tummy tuck is for what size. A big tummy takes more resources and time then a small tummy?

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Dr. Carlos González Legarda  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Bogotá
  • 373 answers
Yes, according the size of the surgery.
For foreign patients the evaluation is with pictures and medical information to give the quote
Professor Dr. Adel Wilson MD, FRCS  |  Basic member  |  Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery  |  Cairo
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Hi Sue!
The cost in Cairo Plastic Clinic ranges 1500 U$D.
ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
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Hello Sue, our surgeon dr Piotr Rataj is experienced in tummy tuck surgery, the cost depends on whether you need liposuction as well. The price starts from about 2125 EUR. If you are interested, please get in touch with pictures to receive the quote from fr Piotr
STB73  |  visitor  |  Texas
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how much is this in US dollars?

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ClinicForYou  |  Premium member  |  Wrocław
  • 433 answers
In USD it will be about 2361 USD :)
Naina khan
Naina khan  |  visitor  |  Islamabad
  • 23 answers
I can tell you about the tummy tuck treatment in Dubai and its cost. Apart from this you can get the free consultation from best surgeons
Dr. Omar Fouda Neel  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Montreal, Laval
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Congrats on your weight loss! If you would like to make the trip to Montreal Canada, our fees range between $9500 - $10,500 +tax. A consult is necessary of course and you also have the option of sending us photos if you would like a better idea of what surgery would be best for you
Hope to hear from you. Best of Luck
Medco International Centre for Plastic Surgery  |  Basic member  |  Istanbul
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The mini tummy tuck costs 1,522 EUR.
Please advise if interested.
دكتور محمد الروبي  |  Basic member  |  Cairo
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FAQ from patients when considering undergoing Tummy Tuck?

Q - What is the type of anesthesia, and when I can return to normal life?
A - According to your preference and the procedure. General anesthesia is the formal. However, Local anesthesia with sedation usually could be used, and you can practice your normal life within 2 days up to few weeks.

Q - What are the symptoms that may occur in the first five days after abdominoplasty procedures?
A - Soreness which could be managed by pain killer’s medications and there may be edema or swelling.

Q - What are the guarantees that the success of the process?
A - There is no doubt that the followers of the medical instructions and close follow up visits are the main factors for the success of any surgical procedure. If not, the process to achieve the agreed outcomes before, the process repeats at reduced cost. The procedure may needs refine touch after 8 months.
fatty face
Q - When can we get the final results?
A - The final results is achieved within the first three months.

Q - If I gain weight again, may fat accumulate again?
A - No. But other non-treated areas could be.

Q - What is the maximum amount of fat to be removed?
A - Up to 20 Kilograms.

Q - What is ideal age for Abdominoplasty?
A - It could be done at any age above 18 years old.

Q - When could I get pregnancy after Abdominoplasty?
A - After one year you are allowed to get pregnancy but with close follow up by Gynecologist.

Q - If you are not Egyptian, What is the minimum period for follow up?
A - 3 weeks.

Q - What are the contraindications of Lipectomy procedures?
A - There are no absolute contraindications but the patients should inform their surgeons about any allergies, serious medical conditions, medications they may be taking, previous operations and family history of any medical problems. Smokers should stop smoking 2 weeks before surgical procedures to promote the healing process.

Q - Where will the Tummy Tuck procedures be performed?
A - In hospital.

Q - In my case, what is most appropriate procedure in helping me achieve my cosmetic goal? liposuction technique or tummy tuck? In my case, would a "partial abdominoplasty" work as well or better than a "full abdominoplasty"?
A - It depend on the your age, skin redundancy, distribution of body fat and your preference.

Q - How much does apronectomy procedure cost and what elements factor into that cost like hospital fees, anesthesia, and so on?
A - Ranging from 1500 to 2000 U.S. dollars per area. Medical insurance dose not cover these procedures.

Q - What is the surgeon’s level of experience in performing tummy tuck procedures?
A - Consultant or Doctoral in Plastic surgery.

Q - What percentage of patients experience complications with tummy tuck?
A - 6 - 11%

Summary of Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Procedures:

The time of the procedure: from two to three hours.
Type of anesthesia: General anesthesia or local anesthesia +/- sedation.
Location: hospital with postoperative one day hospital stay.
Expected Side effects: Temporary swelling, ecchymosis and pain.
Recovery time: return to work after one week and the final outcome within 3 months.
Cost: according to procedure and treated area: 1500 to 2500 U.S. dollars.
Results: Permanent.

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