Tummy tuck with soft murmur and controlled high blood pressure

Tummy tuck with soft murmur and controlled high blood pressure

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I recently lost my health insurance of 10 years, so the Internist who did my physical was a brand new doctor whom I’ve never visited (although I had my medical history sent to his practice). He heard a heart murmur. Sent me to a cardiologist who confirmed the soft murmur and performed an echo. He said it’s fine for surgery ( out of 1-10 my murmur is a 2 with no underlying causes). I still feel EXTREMELY nervous about going under GA for 4 hours... I guess I feel as though I’m being cleared by “unfamiliar faces”. Are there any other medical steps I need to take to ensure a safe procedure? Is it okay to be cleared by a doctor that is only going on “medical files” and not someone who is actually familiar with me myself? I have had 3 prior C sections, controlled high blood pressure, no history of blood clots.
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Hi, I would advise caution before going under GA. We do SCARLESS TUMMY TUCK totally under local anesthesia. We also do normal tummy tuck, but not under GA. We use a special local anesthesia which is diluted and very safe ( Khawajas Formulas I,II & III ). We are based at Lahore, Pakistan, and we have extensive experience in cosmetic surgery for over 35 years. Please also check our facebook page CSSC international + and our facebook profile Cosm Surg. You can also send us your pictures on whatsapp and then consult us for more details. The procedure is done as day care with no hospital stay. There is no bleeding and no complications in our safe hands. Results are highly desirable.

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