Vaginoplasty: looking for some reviews

Vaginoplasty: looking for some reviews

Jo  |  visitor
Hi am interested in have a vaginal tightening done & I was wondering if any has any reviews on the procedure ?
Cosmetic Gynecology Egypt - Amr Seifeldin, M.D  |  Basic member  |  Cairo
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Vaginoplasty is both an aesthetic & reconstructive surgical procedure, basically it tightens the vaginal canal and enhances external vulva appearance.

In a vaginoplasty, torn vaginal muscles are repaired, pelvic ligaments are approximated as well as shortened, and excess vaginal mucosa is removed, this is done on multiple layers, and full vaginal length to assure long lasting results.. The results is a tightened, youthful, and functional vagina with a return to pre-marital and pre- delivery state.

Depending on the condition, a posterior vaginal wall or an anterior + posterior vaginal wall + perineum can be subjected to a repair to reach the desired goal... cases with urinary incontinence can also be treated during the same sitting.

A labiaplasty, also can be performed along with clitoral hood reduction if there is a need, these surgeries can be performed by cosmetic gynecologists or any surgeon trained in female genital surgery.

Amr Seifeldin, M.D
Professor Ercan Karacaoglu M.D.  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Istanbul
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Hi Jo

Thé vaginoplasty is a procedure that tightens vagina chanel and makes it tight and narrow. It can be combined with cosmetic labia contouring and shaping. Please let me know your expectation and your particular interest in this topic if any.

Best wishes

Dr. Daniela Bunila  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Bucharest
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Vaginoplasty is the best choice for both aesthetic and functional result. it is a surgical procedure with general or rachidian anesthesia and the recovery will be 4-8 weeks .
If you are interested please make an appointment
CSSC International +  |  Basic member  |  Lahore Stockholm
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Khawaja's Simplified Vaginal Tightening is a state of the art procedure pioneered by Dr.H.A.Khawaja, Cosmetic Surgeon. The procedure is done totally under local anesthesia in some 20 minutes with no bleeding and no hospital stay. It is a walk in walk out surgery and you don't need to come back for stitch removal. Final results come in some 4-6 weeks. We ensure that vaginal tightening is appreciable and according to your desires.
Dr. Omar Fouda Neel  |  Basic member  |  Plastic surgery  |  Montreal, Laval
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Hi, Vaginoplasty is becoming more and more popular. Reviews for the surgeon of your choosing will be on his or her website as well as on google or other similar websites like this one, i.e XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Forums are a great place to get other patients opinions and advise. Best of Luck to you. You are always welcome in Montreal.

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