Educational Videos

Patient education is the best possible marketing for doctors. Take a look and see what an effective educational video could do for you. Just drop us a line to order your own video and we will produce and publish it according to your instructions.

Video contents

These videos are intended to educate potential patients. They will contain your answers to the most common questions patients ask when considering whether to have plastic surgery. Each video will address one frequently asked question on a procedure of your choice. Your videos will help dispel patients’ concerns and give them the information they need. The questions are not exclusive and more than one doctor can answer the same question.

Video length

Each video can be between 1.5 and 3 minutes long. Videos do not have any “fluff” or extraneous information, which makes them more appealing to viewers and potential patients. Each video simply presents an answer to a particular question.

Video location

Videos will be published on your profile on and on all the website’s pages dedicated to the procedure discussed in the video. New videos appear on the homepage for a limited time.

Most importantly, videos go into the “Daily Digest” emails about new developments regarding that particular procedure. The DD contains all new information on a certain procedure. Articles, patient testimonials, before/after pictures, discussions, videos. This email goes out to all our users who have any interest or involvement with that particular procedure.

You can also easily embed videos on your website.

If you are interested in publishing videos through channels other than Estheticon and your website, you will need to request full copyright.

Price for 4 videos

700 EUR plus VAT

The price for videos may increase depending on the number of cuts. If a video needs more than two cuts, the price increases by 50 EUR.

Price for full copyright on videos

Price for video publication rights.
70 EUR plus VAT / 1 video

Time to allow for filming

1-2 hours

Alternative formats

If you are interested in alternative formats that are more visually appealing, please just ask for more information.

Video clip created and published for Dr. Dennis Hammond about breast implants.


Updated: 2016-09-30

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